Dear Church,

We invite you to join with us as we use this booklet to prepare our hearts, our
families, and our church for Easter. It is our hope and prayer that this booklet will help all of us draw near to God this Easter and lead us to deeper worship and awe of Jesus, our Saviour and King.

The booklet includes daily Bible readings, meditations, suggested songs to listen to, prayer points, and a family activity for each day. The hands-on family activities are designed to engage children in the true story of Easter using all their senses. The activities are also designed to either make a memory with your children or to set up a memorial in your house. These memories/memorials will literally change the way your home looks so that you can’t help but focus on Jesus. The booklet is designed to be used by individuals and families starting the Monday before Easter (6th of April) and ending on Easter Sunday (12th of April).

During the seven days, you might also like to fast. This booklet includes information about fasting and different types of fasting. During the week, on Wednesday the 8th of April, we invite you to join us in a live-streamed ‘Worship & Prayer’ evening. Further information will be forthcoming on our social media pages and website (

It is our hope and prayer that as you follow along with this booklet, God would
show you the excellency, riches, and immense depth of His love and mercy that
is revealed to us and showered upon us in the death and resurrection of our Lord
and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Grace and peace,
Caroline Brandon & Emma Sunderland