About Emma Sunderland

Emma is the Creative Arts Leader at BPCC and is passionate about seeing people worship and exalt Jesus through song. Emma is responsible for the praise and worship at BPCC and works closely with a passionate team of people to provide meaningful worship in services. Emma is also involved in facilitating community events and engagement with wider social justice causes. Emma loves to spend time with her husband and 4 young children.

Where Love Is, God Is

Where Love Is, God Is I was lining up in the service station waiting to pay for my fuel. Deep in

Where Love Is, God Is2021-08-20T11:40:41+10:00

Compassion Update

Compassion is a Child Sponsorship Program that serves children living in poverty. But, it addresses so much more than a child’s

Compassion Update2021-06-11T10:59:30+10:00

You’re Invited!

You’re Invited! Later this year, on Sunday 18th of July, we will celebrate 30 years of ministry on this campus. We

You’re Invited!2021-05-14T11:49:03+10:00

An Invitation to Prayer

An Invitation to Prayer I’m writing this during the week leading up to the celebration of our last 9am Sunday service.

An Invitation to Prayer2021-04-16T12:02:57+10:00

Singing and Emotions

Singing and Emotions Did you know that singing stirs the soul? There is a beautiful connection between singing and its ability

Singing and Emotions2021-02-05T11:26:04+10:00

Christmas at BPCC

Christmas at BPCC Christmas is just around the corner, and we look forward to celebrating with you and your loved ones

Christmas at BPCC2020-11-20T11:04:29+10:00

A Poem for Father’s Day

A Poem for Father’s Day This weekend is Father’s Day. It is a day where many young children proudly make cards

A Poem for Father’s Day2020-09-04T11:55:28+10:00

Everybody Worships

Everybody Worships I love the quote Adam shared last Sunday about worship from late author David Foster Wallace: “There is no

Everybody Worships2020-07-31T12:25:34+10:00