About Caroline Brandon

Caroline is our Children’s Ministry Co-Ordinator. Caroline brings to the team her years of experience as a qualified Primary School teacher. As Children’s Co-Ordinator Caroline sources curriculum and provides training and support to our volunteer teachers, as they share the gospel and the word of God with the next generation. Caroline is married to Josh and they have 4 children.

Reading the Bible Reflectively

Reading the Bible Reflectively I received an email this week with these verses from Psalm 139:23-24 at the top: “Search me,

Reading the Bible Reflectively2021-03-26T10:28:57+10:00

Time with God

Time with God The kids are back at school and guitar lessons and soccer practice and (insert your child’s extra-curricular activities

Time with God2021-02-12T10:03:11+10:00

Let The Children Come

Let the Children Come It’s fair to say that COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives in some way. I don’t

Let The Children Come2020-05-29T10:40:34+10:00

God Unchanging

God Unchanging The world as we know it seems to be changing so quickly. The constant announcements and directives from our

God Unchanging2020-03-27T12:30:06+10:00

Putting the Focus on Jesus

Putting the Focus on Jesus Advent is a season of anticipation, of holy waiting. We reflect on Christ’s first coming with

Putting the Focus on Jesus2019-12-06T13:19:17+10:00