About Ben Fien

Ben is our Community Pastor at BPCC. He has worked with us previously as our Youth Worker before he and his wife Michanne moved overseas to London. Ben is passionate about seeing people of all ages discover the life that he has found in Jesus. He also has a slightly unhealthy obsession with coffee. Ben is currently studying towards his Masters of Divinity part-time.

I Say Mission, You Say?

I Say Mission, You Say?   I was telling someone recently about my conviction that churches need to prioritise mission. Little

I Say Mission, You Say?2019-08-08T15:01:52+10:00

An Attractive Lifestyle

An Attractive Lifestyle Let each of us please his neighbour for his good, to build him up. For Christ did not

An Attractive Lifestyle2019-05-31T13:14:47+10:00

Praying Missional Prayers

Praying Missional Prayers This Sunday we are launching a new series we’ve called ‘Lost and Found’. For the next few weeks

Praying Missional Prayers2019-03-15T12:07:28+10:00

Simple but Life-Changing

Simple but Life-Changing I wanted to write to you a little about my experience of the Alpha Course last year. My

Simple but Life-Changing2019-02-01T11:19:13+10:00

My New Year Resolution

My New Year Resolution We’re about to tick over into 2019. Can you believe it?! I wonder what 2019 will look

My New Year Resolution2018-12-24T10:34:13+10:00

What’s It All About?

What’s It All About? What is Christianity really all about? Is it a philosophy? A worldview? A moral system? A solution

What’s It All About?2018-11-29T14:22:53+10:00

Gospel Amnesia

Gospel Amnesia I think the first time I heard the phrase ‘gospel amnesia’ was while listening to Paul Tripp. The phrase

Gospel Amnesia2018-11-05T10:26:24+10:00

The Park – Second Stage Proposal

Earlier this year we launched The Park Specialty Coffee. Our vision for this venture was to connect with unchurched people in

The Park – Second Stage Proposal2018-10-26T12:53:21+10:00

Why Church Membership?

Why Church Membership? Maybe you've heard us talk about church membership here at BPCC, and you wonder what it’s all about?

Why Church Membership?2018-10-12T11:51:08+10:00