About Adam Schoenmaker

Adam is the Lead Pastor at BPCC. He has completed a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) and a Masters of Divinity from Brisbane School of Theology. Adam can usually be found spending time with his wife and son, reading a good book, or watching just about any sport. Adam is passionate about preaching that not only enflames the heart but informs the mind, and ultimately leads people to know Jesus and follow Him wholeheartedly.

The Real #10yearchallenge

The Real #10yearchallenge If you’ve logged onto social media in the last couple of weeks you’ve almost certainly come across the

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Watching and Waiting

Watching and Waiting It felt like forever. In reality, it was closer to two hours. But my overwhelming excitement and anticipation

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Books I Enjoyed in 2018

Books I Enjoyed in 2018 Erasmus, a Dutch theologian from the 1500’s, reportedly said: “When I have a little money, I

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What if I don’t feel God?

What if I don’t feel God? I’ll never forget the conversation. He sat across from me and quietly muttered: “I’m done,

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Fatherhood in Five Words or Less

How would you describe parenting in five words or less? This was the question posed on Twitter recently (#ParentingIn5WordsOrLess)—and it’s fair

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Cynical

Cynical (adjective): distrustful of human sincerity or integrity; doubtful as to whether something will happen or whether it is worthwhile; synonyms:

Why You Shouldn’t Be Cynical2018-07-26T17:07:46+00:00