About Adam Schoenmaker

Adam is the Lead Pastor of Bray Park Community Church. After two years in the corporate world and eight years on the team at BPCC, Adam stepped into the role of Lead Pastor at the start of 2018. He has completed a Bachelor of Business from Queensland University of Technology and a Master of Divinity from Brisbane School of Theology. When not at church, Adam can usually be found spending time with his wife and two young children, reading a good book, or watching just about any sport imaginable (except car racing).

A Harvest-Sized Vision

A Harvest-Sized Vision Occasionally when I am in a large group of people in public (which happens less often these days),

A Harvest-Sized Vision2021-03-05T12:40:49+10:00

My Year in Books

My Year in Books Around this time for the last couple of years, I’ve shared with you some of the books

My Year in Books2020-12-11T10:04:25+10:00

Thank You for Your Feedback

Thank You for Your Feedback The Bible uses a number of different images to describe the church: a family (Eph. 2:19),

Thank You for Your Feedback2020-11-06T11:34:01+10:00

When You Come Together

When You Come Together Do you know what happened on Sunday 15th of March, 2020? If you can’t immediately recall, I

When You Come Together2020-07-10T13:14:32+10:00