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Chaos (noun): complete disorder and confusion. Our lives often feel like this: disorderly, confusing, and tumultuous. Our world certainly is like this. So, how do we deal with it? And where is God in the midst of it all? The book of Judges helps us. Judges tells us about a time when the people of God found themselves, because of their rebellion and faithlessness, in total and utter anarchy. It offers us insights as to how we can navigate life in the chaos and who can ultimately deliver us from it.

Join us for a 9-week journey through
the book of Judges: Life in Chaos.

1. Half-Hearted (Judges 1–2:5)
2. The Downward Spiral (Judges 2:6–3:6)
3. Ehud: The Left-Handed Assassin (Judges 3:7–31)
4. Deborah & Jael: The Deadly Damsels (Judges 4–5)
5. Gideon: The Weak Warrior (Judges 6–7)
6. Abimelech: The Treacherous Son (Judges 8–9)
7. Jephthah: The Foolish Outcast (Judges 10–12)
8. Samson: The Broken Saviour (Judges 13–16)
9. Rock Bottom (Judges 17–21)

How can I grow at BPCC?

Growth Groups

Growth Groups meet throughout the week for fellowship, care, prayer, accountability, sharing stories and studying God’s Word, usually the current BPCC sermon series. It is in Growth Groups where we fulfil our calling to have people in our lives who can speak God’s truth to us, exhort us, encourage us and spur us on towards love and good deeds (Heb. 3:12-13; 10:24; Rom. 12:10; Gal. 5:13). See here for more information on joining a Growth Group (link to Growth Groups page) or visit the Connections Centre.

Prayer Meetings

The fundamental importance of prayer is undeniable, both for our personal and corporate growth (Acts 1:14; 4:24; 12:5, 12; 1 Thess. 1:2). At BPCC we gather monthly to pray together and to bring before God the myriad reasons we have to thank Him and to lay our needs and requests before Him, in order to see His kingdom come in every area of our lives and world. For more information on prayer meetings check the Calendar.


There are many other ways you can grow at BPCC. For more information check the Calendar.