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Welcome One Another

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God. (Romans 15:7)
A couple of weeks ago Pastor John gave us all a gentle reminder about the importance of welcoming one another—especially on a Sunday, and especially those who are visiting or new among us. You might think the Bible has nothing to say about something so seemingly small as greeting people. But you’d be wrong. The Bible has lots to say about the importance of hospitality (love for strangers) and greeting one another with love and concern. 
Romans 15:7 (above) is just one example (see also Romans 12:13; Hebrews 13:2; 1 Peter 4:9; 3 John 8). What stands out to me in this verse is that when we welcome one another, we glorify God. Normally when I think about activities that glorify God, I think of singing, or preaching, or prayer. Those are the activities God wants us to engage in on a Sunday, right? Well of course they are, but it seems God also cares deeply that we make each other feel welcome and accepted. God cares that we walk across the room to extend a smile and a handshake to someone who looks lost, alone, or in need of someone to talk to. 
And God calls all of us to be involved in this ministry; not just Pastor Jim, the greeters on the door, or the elders. All of us. In fact, one author I read this week said: “For all of us committed to making disciples and sharing the love of Christ, we should feel a happy burden on Sundays to look for others to meet, greet, and take out to eat.” 
Imagine the impact we could have if everyone of us came to church looking to welcome others? What might happen if every one of us made it a priority on a Sunday to reach out to new people and extend to them the love that God has extended to us? One word comes to mind when I think of a church like that: glorious. I believe that’s what God wants for BPCC and I believe God can take us there.
Faith in Life: The Letter of James
Today, we launch into a new sermon series titled: “Faith in Life: The Letter of James”. I am very eager to dive into this powerful little book of the Bible, and I am very excited that Kidz Church will be joining us on the journey through James. Caroline (our Children’s Ministry Leader) has developed curriculum for our children that will mirror what we’re working through in ‘big’ church. So, if you’re a parent, please take advantage of this opportunity to discuss God’s word with your children!
In Christ,
Easter demonstrates God’s love for you personally.
The Blessing of Baptism


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