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The Value of a Different Environment

Have you ever noticed how a dog’s behavior changes when you take them into a different environment? What happens? Well, they come alive! They explore, they get excited, and they sniff everything! It’s like you’ve offered them a new dog house with an all you can eat-buffet or something. They love it. Now, I would like to propose that essentially the same thing happens when students come to one of our annual youth camps… Before you pick up your phone to tell John and Adam that I’ve gone crazy, hear me out.

I definitely don’t mean to say that your child starts to sniff trees and chase after cats. No, my point is that young people seem to come alive and open up when they get away from school and home for a few days. There’s nothing quite like it. Community is formed, friendships are strengthened and tears are always shed on the trip back home. Students get a chance to leave their normal comfort zone and discover who they are as they enter new surroundings with new people. There’s something about sharing sleeping dorms and meeting together for 3 meals a day that brings people together. It’s probably why it’s a highlight of the youth calendar.

Our youth camp for 2015 is fast approaching and it will be a time for students to bond together, have heaps of fun and most importantly connect with Jesus. Michanne and I have both been praying that this year God would initiate young people into deep and committed relationships with Christ. This is partly why the theme for youth camp is called ‘Catalyze’. A quick look at the dictionary will tell you that catalyze means to initiate or to produce a fundamental change in something. We are praying that Jesus will become the most fundamental part of our student’s live.

So, can I encourage you to register your child for youth camp today? It may just be the change of environment they need for them to stop and ask the deep questions about their relationship with Jesus. I’ve put the details for camp below for your convenience.

18th–20th September |Apex Camp Mudjimba |
Grade 7-12 | $100 (until 14th August) otherwise $120
More information is available at
God bless you Church!

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