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The Sacrifice

What is your favourite time of the year? Is it the season Spring? Or Autumn? Maybe Christmas when you take holidays? One of my favourite times of the year is right now – Easter. The time we remember the sacrifice Jesus made to pay for the sin that wrecks lives and breaks hearts. My sin has been atoned (paid) for by the only One who has ever lived a perfect life. Jesus’ death on the cross has paid for my sin.

I came across this penetrating question during the week as I was preparing for our Easter Sunday sermon: When did you become profoundly aware that Jesus did more than pay for sins; he paid for your sins, took your punishment, and diedin your place? I reflected on this truth for some time and was left wondering if I should be sad or glad about that? I concluded I’m to be both! Sad because Jesus took the punishment he didn’t deserve – I deserve it. Glad because his payment for my sin makes me right before our Holy God and Father in heaven.

“For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God.” (1Peter 3:18)

A number of our church family are away over this Easter long weekend end. Many are camping – in fact a large group have gone camping, and I know they’re having an Easter Sunday Service in the Bush! How cool is that? Let’s all pray for safe travel as our church family make their way home.

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