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The National Church Life Survey @ BPCC

The National Church Life Survey @ BPCC

The ‘National Church Life Survey’ (NCLS) is run once every 5 years, and will take place in Australian churches in October and November 2016. The survey involves hundreds of thousands of churchgoers and thousands of churches and leaders, across more than 20 denominations. The Australian NCLS is the largest study of church life in the world.

The NCLS Research team, who conduct the survey, is a non-denominational group with a mission to help identify signs of hope in churches and its leadership, to build vitality and connect churches and communities.

  The NCLS offers a positive, inclusive process that helps leaders to lead by:
  • giving each person a voice
  • comparing our church with national benchmarks
  • and tracking BPCC’s history.

BPCC has again elected to take part in the NCLS survey and an opportunity for our congregation to participate will be provided on Sunday 27th November after both the AM and PM services. This NCLS survey will also help our church to put a national context and comparison baseline onto the internal BPCC survey that was undertaken a few months ago. The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete and is able to be done on paper or on-line with your mobile/notebook devices.

Nurturing church vitality

The NCLS is more than counting numbers - it’s about the life of each church, its leaders, helping build vitality, develop effective and sustainable leadership, and connecting well with the local community.

Many church leaders find a season of reflection very helpful. As they listen to their attenders they capture a sense of their hopes, passions and concerns, discerning a way forward as a body.

The denominational leadership is equipped and BPCC is resourced.

  • The BPCC congregation will gain a clearer understanding of their strengths as a Christian community, on mission and in caring for each other.
  • Our ministry groups will gain feedback on their own area of ministry.
  • BPCC as a whole will be better equipped to hold meaningful discussions and set goals based on reality rather than surmise.
  • BPCC will come to understand itself more clearly and be drawn to be a stronger Christian community.
  • The church will be equipped to determine directions and foster the development of a clear and owned vision, so that the church can move to action together, into the future.
  • Our CRCA leadership will gain a clear oversight of the strengths and focus of its churches and the region as a whole.
  • Regional and denominational leaders will be equipped to offer strategic and pastoral leadership and work more effectively with local churches.
  • The results will help leaders to effectively allocate resources to particular areas of need and opportunity.
  • Denominational results can be compared against Australian churches as a whole to clearly see the differences and the similarities.
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