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I’ve just been to an amazing conference in Sydney called Oxygen – although, at times, I thought it should have been called hyperventilation – we had so much and such heavy input!

You probably don’t know it, but I sometimes have jealousy and envy issues. I envy all those who were part of the crowds in Matthew 5 – 7, when Jesus gave His sermon on the mount. Just imagine that – listening to God Himself teaching!!

I am also grateful though. Grateful for the Bible; grateful for the Holy Spirit to help us with interpretation; grateful that I can attend Church on Sundays to worship, learn and have fellowship and, at the moment, VERY grateful that I could attend Oxygen. It was wonderful to sing praises to God with 2500 fellow worshipers and to listen to the deep and inspiring teachings of John Piper and John Lennox.

For me, two insights from the conference are:

When I was young(er) I read a book called “prison to praise” which meant a lot to me. John Piper reminded me again of the importance of rejoicing each day, though he placed it more in the context of “privilege to praise!” God is amazing, awesome, won-derful, Creator. By being joyful and satisfied because of our relationship with Him, He is glorified.

Psalm 16:11 You have made known to me the path of life;

You will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

John Lennox is a mathematician with a great mind and the ability to move a willing mind from asking questions like: “Why does God allow suffering?” to rather say “We only have limited time to tell the world about Christ before His return – when ultimate suffering awaits those who have not accepted Him!”

- I hope to be able to share more Oxygen with you in weeks and months to come, so watch this space!

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