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Does your life reflect you have been saved?

On Bondi Rescue last week I saw a Korean guy drown, stopped breathing, turned purple, heart stopped, dead! All over red rover! The life guards pulled him out of the water up the beach and began to work on him. They pounded his chest, pushed air into him shocked him, suddenly a pulse came back, water came out of his mouth (Grouse!) and he opened his eyes. Ambulance arrived he was rushed to hospital not ‗out of the woods‘ BUT he was ALIVE. The show ended with him going back to the lifeguards with a couple bottles of wine!

As Steve Cozynsen and I reflected together on Romans 6 today Steve meditated on part of verse 12 ―but rather offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life‖. Steve reflected if he was bought back from the dead how he would live. He said he would be eternally grateful to those who saved him (more than 2 bottles of wine!!). Life would be so much more precious, a new determination to live life to the full and have great relationships would be a few responses. We reflected together how we have been saved from spiritual death and hell and our response to this.

What is your response to being bought back from spiritual death, set free from the wages of sin by the gift of eternal life (Rom 6:23)? Is it to go on sinning? Paul suggests this is not the response of someone who has been saved (justified) by grace. Paul suggests we become slaves to God to become obedient and Holy. May we become a church (a people) so captivated, thankful for new life in and through Jesus that people we meet will be in no doubt that we were dead but are now alive!

Let me suggest 3 things that Help sustain/grow this new life.

  1. Connect with each other by coming to 1 worship experience a week. A Christian who is not committed to meeting together is like a coal separated from the fire and will go out. Don‘t come on your own INVITE a friend.
  2. Grow in a life group. This is where new life is encouraged and nurtured. Where you are prayed for and loved where you are at.
  3. Serve in church/outside church. Let‘s follow Jesus‘ example. Remember if you want to be great, be servant of all.

That‘s it 1 1 1. 1 worship experience, 1life group, 1 service. This is not a legalistic formula just a few ways that I find helps sustain/grow new life in Jesus. Visit the connection desk to go to next step.

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