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Christmas Trees

Is your Christmas tree up yet? If it was up to our youngest daughter, our tree would have gone up weeks ago, but others in our family are adamant you aren’t even allowed to mention Christmas until December. Our neighbours spend a lot of time and energy (and money) putting up amazing lights and decorations at Christmas time, and of course, they started back in October! One house in particular has a really big Christmas tree made entirely of lights. It’s so bright and tall that we can see it from our back veranda, even though it’s quite a distance away. It’s beautiful.

We’ve spent the last few weeks of Kidz Church talking about Christmas trees. We’ve talked about the lights, the ornaments, the tinsel, and of course, the star. Each element teaches us something about Jesus and His love for us.

When a bulb burns out on a string of lights, the whole string is often thrown away; it’s useless, unless someone gives it a new bulb and a new life. The story of Christmas is the story of God giving us new life. We could not save ourselves, so Jesus came to save us!

Christmas trees are often covered in random ornaments, from the pretty glass balls to cartoon characters to the simple, crude ornaments your children made when they were little. But they all have a place on your tree. And just as all those different ornaments are welcome, so too are all people welcome in God’s family because the good news of Christmas isn’t just for the shiny and pretty, but for everyone!

Some people like tinsel. Some think it’s gaudy; it’s flashy and shiny and kind of takes away from the simple beauty of the tree underneath. Do we allow the flash and pageantry of Christmas to cover up the simple beauty of the Nativity?

God put a star in the sky to announce the birth of Jesus and to draw all men to him. When we put a star on our tree we are reminded that we too need to come to the manger and meet our Saviour.

It’s my prayer that this Christmas we won’t be distracted by the ‘trimmings’ of the season, but instead we can reflect upon the precious gift of Jesus given to all.

I started with a question so it only seems fitting to finish with one. And it’s a question that brings lots of debate also – when will you pull your Christmas tree down?

Merry Christmas.

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