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A note from Pastor John

In our Worship Service coming Sunday morning, a significant event will take place for both Pastor Adam, and our church family. Adam will be formally ordained into the ministry of Word and Sacrament. This formal classification is how our denomination describes ministers who have completed theological studies and passed relevant denominational exams. Having met all of these requirements, Adam will be ordained, and takes a major step into his forthcoming role as Senior Pastor once I retire from formal ministry in due course.

This Sunday also brings us to the end of our current sermon series The Essentials—Getting to the Heart of Christianity. In this five-part series we studied the five slogans that defined the sixteenth century Reformation of the Christian Church. The Reformation impacted the whole of Christendom and this year marks the 500th year since a monk by the name of Martin Luther unintentionally, sparked this history making movement. During this week, we held a film night showing an excellent documentary on the life of Luther, explaining the historical events leading up to the Reformation. It was a great night and very much appreciated by those who attended.

This weekend sees the start of school holidays. Some of our families will be going away, as is our Youth Group this weekend – they are on Camp. Let’s keep them all in our prayers.

Let me end by sharing this short quote I read from a book recently given to me.  “… if there’s a goal you want to achieve, you have to make decisions that will move you in the direction you want to go.”  (Divine Direction, Craig Groeschel)

John Hoogenout

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