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What is the Church?

I have often asked myself this one question: ‘What is the Church’? In fact, I find myself thinking about this often. What really is the Church? What should we look like? Are we at BPCC a faithful expression of the Scripture’s teaching on the Church? One ingredient that I think is absolutely essential for us to be the Church is mission. We are to have a sense of mission as the people of God. We’re not meant to be static and inward, but an outward-oriented movement! A movement that is energetically and prayerfully seeking to tell others the good news about Jesus. In doing this, we are to welcome people into our community and teach them how to follow him faithfully. We are to model the Christian life for them, and point them to the Scriptures. We are to make disciples. And funnily enough, this is at the core of our...
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New Life Sunday

Coming Sunday is New Life Sunday.  We will have the founder of New Life Orphanage in Myanmar, Bella and her son Israel with us. They now jointly lead the amazing ministry caring for 158 children. New Life Orphanage has just reached its 25-year anniversary, and our church’s involvement was initiated by Errit Petrusma following a trip he made to Myanmar with Bible League in 1998. Today a formal Board based here in Brisbane governs the sponsorship necessary to continue this vital ministry to so many children. I look forward to interviewing Bella and Israel during our AM service, as well as show a short video of the children’s daily routine. This Sunday is also our monthly Connect Sunday where we encourage everyone to stay to connect with each other. This will be done over a Pot-Luck meal following AM church, and Pot-Luck meal before PM church (from 5.00PM). Please join us....
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The Power of a Gift

This Sunday we intend to celebrate the 253 children who will be receiving an Operation Christmas Child shoebox this year. Through your amazing generosity, we have been able to fill 253 shoeboxes with gifts for children in countries around the world who are in desperate need. These children will be receiving practical things like clothing, school supplies, soap, a cuddly toy and something to play with. It is also our hope and prayer that they will receive much joy from that box and that they would know there is a God who loves them abundantly.    Many of the boxes have items in that our children have made at Kidz Church. The kids tie-dyed clothing, used beads to make jewellery, assembled Lego kits, decorated marble bags and covered exercise books. And I know that God is doing big things in the hearts of our children as they actively live out God’s...
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Bray Park Carols 2017

Carols is on Saturday the 2nd of December. As we’ve said before; the Carols event is an excellent opportunity for us to tangibly demonstrate God’s love to the local community and to share the life-changing message of the Gospel! We can all be involved in supporting Carols and it is our prayer that you all know there is a way you can be involved. From praying, serving on the day, to giving and financially supporting (see giving options below). We ALL can help! The theme of Carols this year is ‘Christmas Star’. Want to know why? In Matthew 2 we read about a star leading the magi (wise men) to Jesus. For those science loving friends there is a lot of interesting reading about the phenomenon of this star. But the long and short is that a star miraculously appeared and showed the wise men the way to Jesus. We pray...
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The New City Catechism

Catechism. For some, the word probably brings back memories of long afternoons and laborious learning. For others, times of biblically rich instruction. For most, it probably only conjures up confusion. What is ‘catechism’? And why does it matter? The word ‘catechism’ comes from the Greek word katechein which means “to teach orally or to instruct by word of mouth”. In the past, documents were written to summarise Christian doctrine and to serve as a tool for Christian growth and instruction, particularly among young people. These documents were written in the form of questions and answers, and were called catechisms. For example, the first question and answer of the Heidelberg Catechism, a wonderfully rich summary of the Christian faith and one of the doctrinal standards of BPCC, is: Question 1: What is your only comfort in life and death? Answer: That I am not my own, but belong with body and soul,...
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