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The Christmas Star

Did you know that today marks 185 days until Christmas? It might seem a little premature, but I am going to ask you all to flip (or swipe) your diaries to December 2nd and mark: BPCC Carols! Again, we have the wonderful opportunity to bless the local community and share the gospel message. As we say each year, the Carols event is an effort of the whole Church. It is always encouraging to see how God uses the combined efforts of His people to make these things possible. We can all pray. Plus, we can serve in the area God has gifted us. We were so grateful for the generous donations and sponsorship towards Carols last year. Once again, we will have opportunities for you to sponsor and/or donate. If you would like to know more about this prior to our first appeal, don’t hesitate to contact me. The Carols theme...
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Our God Does Not Change

A few weeks ago, we had the annual GEMS and Cadets camp out at Samford. We had a great weekend with around 50 boys and girls enjoying the outdoors together. The Bible teaching over the weekend was focused on our awesome Creator God. We learnt about God’s awesome power, creativity and wisdom that He has displayed in creation for all to see (Rom. 1:20). In fact, we were extremely blessed to have one of the Dads bring along a powerful telescope through which we could observe more of God’s spectacular creation as displayed in the heavens. It was amazing to gaze upon the stars and planets like Jupiter and Saturn. The magnitude of the night sky and the reality that God created it was truly humbling. Whilst looking through the telescope, I was reminded of one of my favourite Bible verses, from James 1:17:Every good and perfect gift is from above,...
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Living a life of faith in the world

Living a life of faith in the world isn’t always easy.  The world is broken, in many forms. You only have to turn on the television, or listen to the radio news to get a picture of the world we live in. There are many reasons to lose hope and our faith. In the past few weeks, we have seen many heartbreaking situations unfold. All around the world, every day people are being caught up in situations that were out of their control. Not only have lives been lost, but many have been left with permanent scars, whether physical or emotional. In times of sadness and confusion, it’s easy to lose sight of Jesus. James 4:8 tells us to “come near to God and He will come near to you.” By submitting ourselves to God, we feel closer to Him. What a great comfort it is, to know that He is...
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How do you keep air in your spiritual tyres?

How do you keep air in your spiritual tyres? I quite often ask people that, especially people in ministry leadership. How do you keep your spiritual batteries charged so that your witness for Jesus shines brightly? As we enter a new month, let me ask you this same question: What do you do to stay close to the truth that you are a forgiven, heaven bound son or daughter of the Living God? If you answer: “I attend church on Sunday (or most Sundays),” I’m thinking you’re not as pumped up or shining as brightly as you could be. I know that from personal experiences. I know that because the time-starved pressured lives most of us live, causes us to move through life far too fast! Here’s a question for you Dads: Do you attend your kids’ sports events and school plays? And Mums: Are the challenges of motherhood, work and...
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What to Say When You Welcome Someone

Last month I wrote a blog post titled “Welcome One Another”. Reflecting on Romans 15:17, I encouraged us to step out on a Sunday and move beyond our usual social groups in order to welcome the guests and new people in our midst. And it is my hope and prayer that some of us have made a conscious effort in the last few weeks to do just that; to look out for new people among us and to make them feel welcome. I’d like to take it a step further this week and offer some practical help as to how we can actually do that. I believe that what stops many of us from walking across the room to greet or welcome someone is simply that we’re not sure know what to say or what to do (at least this is true in my experience). So, to that end, I’d like...
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