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Ben is our Community Pastor at BPCC. He has worked with us previously as our Youth Worker before he and his wife Michanne moved overseas to London. Ben is passionate about seeing people of all ages discover the life that he has found in Jesus. He also has a slightly unhealthy obsession with coffee. Ben is currently studying towards his Masters of Divinity part-time.

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Hey Church! I hope you are all well. I have been thinking a lot about evangelism lately and the role that Christ has for each one of us to play. One of the things that lead me to be thinking about this topic is the series that we are doing in Fusion Young Adults called 'Multiply'. It's a discipleship series and the last topic was on the 'Global Church'. It was such an interesting topic and it really opened my eyes to the fact that there are many people groups that have never heard the gospel which we so dearly treasure. This really blew my mind. It got me wondering, who is looking out for these people? Is anyone going to put their hand up to pack up their bags and preach the gospel to these nations? I mean Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28:19 to make disciples of all nations;...
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God is Good, God is Sovereign

It’s really easy sometimes to make ourselves the focus; to try and work harder to achieve our goals. Sometimes these goals are not bad, they may be Godly. For instance, at the moment one of our visions for the youth ministry is to see a passionate Christ-centred culture at youth. This is a great thing. It brings glory to Christ! But many times I’ve caught myself thinking that I need to do something to create this culture myself, as if I have the power to do it! It’s completely opposite to what God teaches us. The Bible shows that Jesus has always come first, not us. We have never been the centre of the story; Jesus came down to us, we didn’t go up to Him.

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